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Drought Buster Show
Results                                Firecracker Show  Results                 Mid-America Classic Results: 3Event  Horse Show   Open Stockhorse
Colorado State Fair    Composite    
HerdReinFence          Colorado Futurity   3Event     Horse Show                                        Year End Standings

World Show Warmup   Horse Show   Derby                    March Madness  Horse Show  3 Event                                                      Cowhorse Classic Results

Drought Buster Horse Show    3 Event      AQHA/Jackpot                  Mountain High  Horse Show   3 Event   AQHA/Jackpot

Firecracker  Horse Show     3 Event    AQHA/Jackpot                            State Fair Composite                                       Mid-America Classic   Horse Show   3 Event

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Cow Horse Classic


Mid America

Horse Show   3 Event

World Show Warm Up

Horse Show     3 Event

CO Super Circuit

Horse show      3 Event


Dec ​2014 Colorado Futurity

Horse Show    3 Event

Mountain High

Horse show

3 Event      3 year olds




Event Results

March Madness

Horse Show  

3 Event

Drought Buster

 Horseshows      3 Event

 Stockhorse       3 y/o

Futurity 2015

3 Event       Horseshows

Mid America

Futurity                   Derby

Horse Show 1        NPL Spectacular

Horse Show 2        NP Spectacular

Corrected AQHA results   Open Spectacular

Mid America 3 Event


NE State Fair

Drought Buster

LAE / Spectacular / 3 Year Old / Horse Show 1:

  Herd / Rein / Cow /  Composites

Horse Show 2 Composites

For prior year results, please visit the NRCHA website and search under the show year

March Madness

Herd Works

Horse Show #1

   composite    rein    cow

Horse Show #2

AQHA (pending)

Mountain High   3 Event


CO Futurity 3 Event



(not in order)

Sagebrush -  3 Event  -  Horse Show & 3yo Herd

Drought Buster

Friday​    Saturday    Sunday

Monday  3yo Herd      3yo Rein

March Madness

Derby: OpenNon ProNon Pro Ltd

Spectacular: Open, Non Pro, Non Pro Ltd

Horseshow 1       Horseshow 2


Karey Franz

Firecracker    3 Event 


2016 ​​

NE Futurity 3 Event


Sagebrush  3 Event


Drought Buster  3 Event

Horseshow   Stockhorse Challenge

2017 ​​

Futurity   3 Event   Horse Show

March Madness - 3 Event - Horse Show

Mid America       3 Event        Horse Show  

Ed Robinson, Castle Pines, CO

Drought Buster  3 Event    Horse Show & 3yo

NE State Fair       Jackpot      Horse Show  

March Madness  3 Event                            Horseshow

Mountain High      3 Event    

                              Horse Show & 3 yo

World Show Warmup    Results                     March Madness   Results                                Cowhorse Classic Results
Sagebrush Classic      
Results   Show Story                      Drought Buster Show Results                          Firecracker Show Results
Mid-America Spectacular  
Results       Show Story                         State Fair Composite                  Colorado Futurity Results                   Year End Standings