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***** Congratulations to our 2018 CRCA Year End Champions! *****

Open Bridle: Cuttin Wright Up & Travis Young/ David Beckett

Ltd Open Bridle: Wimparette & Camille Courtney

Non Pro Bridle: Hollywood Shines & Nicole Westfall

Novice Non Pro Bridle: LM Typical Shadow & Bonnie Wheatley

Open Hackamore: Im Countin Pennies & Lavert Avent/ Doug, Melinda Grendell

Ltd Open Hackamore: Smart Tango Sparkle & Matt Matusio/ Paula Gore

Non Pro Hackamore: Seven S Hesa Cat & Jennifer Ostenson

Open Two Rein: Travelin Lynx & Travis Young/ Big Sky Perf Horses

​Non Pro Two Rein: A Shooting Spark & Betty Lou Valdez

Youth Bridle: Smart Rem N Be & Tylor Todd

​Youth Ltd: Wranglers Last Attack & Breanne Farris

Non Pro Ltd: SM Just In Time & Katie Matusio

$5K Non Pro Ltd: One Smokin Taz & Mike Tracy

​$1K Non Pro Ltd: Chicody Leo & Jennifer Woodmansee​​​

New to 2019!

For a comprehensive list and showbills (once loaded, click here)

New Payout System!   Level Payout system at the Firecracker and Mountain High Futurities. 25% payout each to the rein, herd, fence portions as well as 25% payout to the cumulative. This is to allow futurity horses to show, but not have to compete in all 3 events to receive a payout.

Increase in monies! We are thrilled to announce a $29,700 INCREASE in added money for 2019! That means a yearly total of $135,600, which is a 28% increase over 2018!

Non Pro Derby entries are up, and so is the payout! ~ $7,500 more (split between divisions)

Hackamore,Two Rein, and Bridle horse riders -- there is a significant increase in AGED horse class added money, to the tune of $32,000+ between Open and Non Pro.

New Features! Our Futurity is at the Mid America! Estimated added money to the Futurity is $11,500. Total added for Mid America rises to over $35,000

NEW! Summer in the Mountains Shootout 3 event incentive -- Mountain High, Firecracker and Mid America. The highest combined scores from the 6 horseshow classes in the Open Bridle, Non Pro Bridle (must enter the same class at each show), and Non Pro Ltd will each receive a $500 bonus! Must enter all 6 classes to be eligible. Same rider, same horse, 6 of the same class. 

Updated Classes!  The Pro Am Box class is open to anyone, however only those with less than $250 in NRCHA earnings are eligible for payout. Why this instead of a jackpot? 1) So trainers can ride box only horses, and 2) extra entries increases the payout to those who are eligible riders in the Pro Am Box class! Reminder that this is not an approved class, so winnings do not count on your NRCHA record. Non-eligible riders will run last in the class.

We will run an Intermediate and Ltd Open Derby at all shows, as well as an Intermediate Open Bridle and Intermediate Open Hackamore at all shows. The derby classes each have their own entry fee and added money. Limited and Intermediate must enter Open.

Year End Awards!  5 saddles to be awarded to the year end champions in the Open Bridle, Non Pro Bridle, Non Pro Ltd, Youth, and $1K Non Pro Ltd, as well as awards to horseshow classes (except Select). Like always, you must show in 5 shows to be eligible for year end awards. Reminder that each horseshow weekend has 2 sets of horseshow classes. We will have circuit and Derby awards at the Sagebrush, and circuit and Futurity awards at the Mid America.

If you are interested in being an Award or Class Sponsor, please let us know!

Best of luck to our members showing at Celebration of Champions, 

DT Horses / Hashtags’ World’s Greatest Horseman, and the

Tres Osos Cow Horse Derby! 

Click here for the link to the webcast and click here for the schedule. 

Feb 14 - 23, 2019

 Home of March Madness,

Sagebrush and Mid America 

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