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 Executive Director

    MJ Anderson  719.963.4770

    Ted Swanson   conradswanson@gmail.com 970-227-8255

 Vice President

    Dave Dillman  ddillman68@hotmail.com  505-660-7054


     Dawn Ciciulla   dbrunetti@live.com   303-968-8381

      Jerry Peters   jerry.h.peters@gmail.com 303-621-9625

                                     Board of Directors

* Lavert Avent   laperformancehorses@yahoo.com   505-429-7180 

​* Megan Ciana   meganciana@hotmail.com   907-202-1017

* Jim Cook   nancancut@gmail.com   303-618-6047
* Reanna Dillman   reannadawn@gmail.com   303-895-5256

​* Tack Louthan   louthancowhorses@gmail.com   970-846-9848

* Meg Ralston   megorita@aol.com   970-270-6632

* John Snyder   snyderperformancehorse@gmail.com  806-422-0495

* Nicole Westfall   n.goinshowin@yahoo.com   719-351-0051

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​​History of the Colorado Reined Cowhorse Association

Founded May 30, 1996, The CRCA promotes the training of

and interest in reined working cow horses among the

amateur horsemen and the younger horsemen of this

nation and the world; to use and encourage the use of standard rules for holding and judging contests of

the reined working cow horse and the humane methods

of working cattle from horseback; to perpetuate the

early traditions of highly trained and well reined

working cow horses; and to promote humane

exhibits and cow horse events and

contests in expositions and shows.

Riders compete for cash payouts that are funded by entry

fees and other added money amounts. We are proud to offer Year-end awards in all NRCHA horseshow classes, and saddles as well as circuit awards throughout the year.